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How a visit to South East Asia made me reflect on the Vietnam War

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A couple of years ago I travelled around South East Asia and became very interested in finding out more about the history. I had studied the Vietnam war during school but now I developed a real interest in learning more. It wasn’t just the Vietnam war but also the genocide in Cambodia after visiting there as well.

For me the Vietnam War and that part of history just sums up what happens when the US and other Western countries try to interfere and wage wars in areas they just shouldn’t be involved in. Unfortunately it looks like we haven’t learnt our lesson and similar scenarios have played out in Iraq, Afghanistan and to some extent Libya. All of those wars have cause unnecessary suffering and the deaths of far too many innocent people.

The war in Vietnam has be America’s darkest hour, the list of atrocities is endless and this was the first war with real media coverage and the first time the American public became outraged at what their country was doing. Hundreds of thousands of civilians were killed, many of them women and children. As many 500,000 birth defects in Vietnam have been caused by the use of agent orange. Not only that but Laos became the most bombed country on earth and the sheer amount of unexploded ordinance means it will take decades to clear and people are still being maimed by mines today. Not a nice legacy to leave, it only takes a walk around Cambodia or Laos and you will see a number of children with missing limbs, a truly heart breaking experience.

Speaking of Cambodia, the genocide by the Khmer Rouge also came about as a direct result of America’s war in Vietnam. The Khmer Rouge was backed by the West and under their rule, over 1 million Cambodians perished in just a few years. This included children and even babies, a truly dark time and very shameful that Western nations backed Pol Pot’s leadership.

If you want to learn more about the Vietnam war then one of the best ways is to visit the War Remnants Museum in Saigon where you will find many displays and really understand the events of this period of history.

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Comparison between the Samsonite Luggage Vizair and Sharon Laptop Backpacks

Samsonite-Luggage-Vizair-Laptop-BackpackAside from shoes, another important investment to consider before your children go back to school is a backpack for your child. I have recently purchased the Samsonite Luggage VizAir Laptop backpack after reading the review here. I have to say that this bag is brilliant, not only is it very functional but it looks great too.

It supports laptops up to 15.6 inches which is great for either my husband’s MacBoook Pro or my Chromebook. There is some extensive padding for the laptop compartment ensuring your investment is held safe and secure. I have to say this backpack would have been perfect for when I was a college student. Aside from the padded laptop compartment, it also has great padding on the bottom using the VizAir air bumpers to protect against any drops to the ground. This is the same technology used in sneakers, and it really works to absorb the shock, I haven’t tested it extensively but I have read reviews in which people have with success.

This bag is also very comfortable to wear, it has some nice firm padding on the back and shoulder straps with good weight distribution. In terms of pockets there are so many that maybe you won’t know what to do with them. There is a deep pocket which is designed to store items such as a mobile phone, mp3 player, headphones, pens etc. The middle compartment is very big and perfect for storing books and notepads or anything else which is quite bulky. There is also a special pocket for papers to keep them separate from everything else and organized. On either side of the outside are side pockets which are perfect to store a couple of water bottles.

In summary the Samsonite Luggage Vizair is definitely my kind of backpack and a prefect choice for school and college students. It protects your child’s laptop when they forget about it, no more throwing it into a normal backpack and being careless. It is also very difficult to step on this backpack and damage the laptop since it stands up by itself.

Samsonite Sharon Laptop Backpack

Now, moving onto the Samsonite Sharon Laptop Backpack, this baby is far less padded than the VizAir but still offers decent protection for a 15.6 inch laptop. My husband prefers this backpack, it is a bit more sleek and basic with a more subtle design which is better for the office. At the top of the bag is a handle to carry it by your side which is good for a professional, as you will look less like a schoolkid when heading into work.

As far as storage goes, there is a very big middle compartment with an extra pocket inside for more storage. The front pocket is great for items like mobile phones, mp3 players, keys and other accessories.


In summary, both of these backpacks are very high quality and are made to last a long time. I am very happy with the purchase of both of these bags. If you want to protect your laptop then you can’t go wrong with the these laptop backpacks from Samsonite.



What can a Rowing Machine do for you?

rowing machine womanAre you looking to get fit and sculpt that dream body? Are you looking for more upper body strength or even great looking abs? Maybe you just want to improve your health, lose weight and move up to a higher level of fitness. Well stop searching for the answer because I’m here to tell you…the answer is a rowing machine.

Rowing machines are made to mimic the action of rowing on water but you can do it from the gym or the comfort of your own home without getting wet! You push and pull on the resistance whilst the seat moves back and forth like it would on the water. With your legs straight out in front of you in the foot-straps, the movement of the seat exercises the whole of your back muscles in such a way that improves posture and helps give off a healthy appearance. You will also find your legs, especially your upper thighs thoroughly worked as well. Not only that but the rowing motion you act out with your arms works your upper body and your core. This means that a rowing machine really does give a full body workout.

No matter which machine you buy the workout will still be effective but there is a wide variance in quality. The lower end range of rowers will get the job done but may not last for years like the ones in the higher price ranges. You really do get what you pay for with rowing machines and if you are looking for the very best rowing machine then be sure to read plenty of rowing machine reviews first such as the ones here http://www.drrowing.com/. Some other brands like Kettler produce some solid mid range models whilst manufacturers like Stamina produce some of the lower end models which can be good to start off with.

If you can make the time to use a rowing machine for just a short period of time each day you will start to see dramatic results. It is also quite a fun way to work out and you will struggle to find a more effective way to get that elusive full body workout. Not only is the workout powerful but it is very safe as well, the great thing about rowing machines is that they are very easy going on the joints so there is much less risk of injury or damage to the body.

You will also find many machines which are great for the home because they are quite compact and even fold away nicely when not being used. So those with limited space have no excuses. I encourage you to research this further, maybe try a machine at your local gym to see what all the fuss is about. If you do decide to purchase a rowing machine then be sure to research online first, check out the reviews and if possible try before you buy.

Overall if you want one of the best workouts money can buy then you would be crazy if you didn’t consider using a rowing machine.